John Morgan & Mary Flynn from County Meath Ireland

John Morgan and Mary Flynn Morgan headstone in Bloomington IL.

John Morgan and Mary Flynn Morgan headstone in Bloomington IL.

John Morgan and Mary Flynn were married in Moynalvey parish County Meath on 2nd March 1824.

I am very lucky to have such an early marriage record for a family member.  John and Mary were the parents of James – 1825, Jane – 1827, Patrick – 1830, William -1834, John – 1838, and Mary – 1840.

The family moved to Bloomington, McLean County, IL.  John died 10 April 1861. Mary lived until 20 Feb 1880.

I found a bio of one of William and Rose’s children, ” At the age of nineteen the father came to the United States with his parents and first settled in Albany, New York.  From there he removed to Bloomington and was for many years a member of the police force of that city.  Because of an injury to one hand resulting in the loss of a finger he was not accepted for active service during the Civil war but entered the secret service.  He had two brothers, however, who were in active service.  In 1875 he came to Nebraska and live for one year in Saline county at the termination of which time he came to York county and bought a relinquishment of one hundred and sixty acres on section 34 West Blue township.  Here he engaged in farming until his death in 1894.”

I am taking time this week to see if I can find any more information about this family.  I did make an exciting discovery a couple of years ago.  When I stopped to get the photo of John and Mary’s headstone.  I discovered another headstone of Mary Morgan Hanley.  I discovered that Mary was also a daughter of John and Mary Morgan.  Mary Morgan’s husband was Edward Hanley who was also from Moynalvey County Meath.  I identified Mary in her brother’s obit. It is exciting to find a new branch of the family tree.

A couple of years ago I found out that they don’t have have any records for people who might have worked in the ‘Secret Service’ during the Civil War!

William and Rose Morgan are buried in Exeter Nebraska.

I am a descendant of William and Rose Morgan’s daughter Anna Morgan who married John Neville.

Looking for Living Descendants of John Neville!

John Neville born 1847 Lynally Glebe, County Offaly, Ireland

John Neville born 1847 Lynally Glebe, County Offaly, Ireland

Have you ever taken time to go back and re-evaluate you genealogy research?  You know more now than when you started your research.

What new tools or resources are now available to use?

I started asking questions about my family about 1962.  Have I made mistakes? Yes, not asking enough questions when I had the chance, but I was only 11 and I didn’t know what genealogy was.  I just knew I wanted to know more about my family.

I have tried to learn as much as I could.  I attend the National Genealogy Society annual Conference.  This is a great place to learn from the best.  What’s new, and how to ‘do it right’. Document what you find!

I am working on a timeline for my Nevill/Neville family.  I am documenting the family in a spreadsheet.

This weekend I attended a reunion with a living male grandson of John Neville born 1847 Lynally Glebe, County Offaly!

John Neville was left behind when his parents – Abraham Neville and Margaret Molloy left Tullamore, traveled to Liverpool to leave for America with two little girls, Mary Ann age 7 and Bridget age 5.  They arrived in New York in April of 1850 with three children – William was born ‘at sea’.

My great-grandfather John Neville finally reunites with his family 14 years later.  I know this using land records I found in Lincoln Nebraska.

John Neville married Anna Morgan in 1882.  John and Anna Neville lived in York County, Nebraska. They had 11 children and 9 survived, and there were 54 grandchildren.

What a special day to get to talk with a grandson of John Neville!  There are not many living descendants left.

A special thank you to Matt Weides for hosting the Neville-Clouse reunion!