A new family mystery!

I was working on my Christmas project for my family.  I wanted to scan a photo of my sister-in-law when she was about three years old.  When I opened the frame I found this photo behind the photo of Margaret.  I think this photo has been hiding since about 1945.  There wasn’t a name or date on the back of the photo.  The only clue, it looks like she is wearing a wedding ring.  Grandma Scanlon was a Blackstone, so she might be one of Ella’s sisters, aunts or cousin. Ella was one of five daughters of William Blackstone and Mary Elizabeth France. Grandma Ella died in 1969, so I now have a mystery to work on.AuntT


Timothy Mulvihill of Kilbaha, County Kerry on #TombstoneTuesday


Timothy Mulvihill father of 8 from Kilbaha South, County Kerry

Timothy Mulvihill father of 8 from Kilbaha South, County Kerry

Timothy Mulvihill from Kilbaha South, County Kerry is buried in Mount Saint Mary’s Cemetery in Kansas City Missouri.

The first record I have found with Timothy Mulvihill of Kilbaha County Kerry – is the baptismal record of his son Thomas Mulvihill and Johanna Connor dated 1 April 1820.

Timothy and Johanna are the parents of eight children that I know of.

Thomas– 1 April 1820

Catherine– 19 December 1823

Johanna–10 July 1833

Timothy– 12 Feburary 1836

Michael– 12 December 1840

The other three children are documented in the will of Clifford Balch who was the grandson on Michael Mulvihill. They were:

John– ca 1825

Bridget– ca 1830

Ann– ca 1844

The oral tradition of this family was that the mother had died in Ireland and then Timothy came to Kansas City.  Timothy Mulvihill is found in Griffith’s Valuation, leasing land from Rev. Samuel B. Leonard (Rev. Lenonard is renting from Charles L. Landes, Esq.), in the townland of Kilbaha South, Parish of Murher, Barony of Iraghticonnor, County Kerry.

The only census record for Timothy Mulvihill is the 1870 census. Tim Scantlin (Scanlon) age 25 is a drayman, Bridget (Mulvihill) Moore age 30 has 5,000 in Real Estate.  Bridget is the only person on this page to have Real Estate.  Bridget owned a hotel in Kanas City at 1218 Baltimore. From marriage records Timothy and Bridget were married on the 8th of January 1870.  Timothy Mulvihill is listed as being 89 years old. I believe Timothy was about 70 to 72 years old.

Thomas Mulvihill married Margaret Morrissy and moved to KC about 1865.

Catherine Mulvihill married Michael McMahon and moved to KC about 1859.

John Mulvihill married Catharine Sheehan and moved to KC about 1856.

Bridget Mulvihill married William B. Moore first, then Timothy Scanlon in 1870, she moved to KC before 1860.

Timothy Mulvihill married Anna McCarroll and had moved to Kasnas City before 1860.

Michael Mulvihill married Ellen Clifford and had moved to Kansas City before 1860.

Anne Mulvihill married John Madden and had moved to Kansas City before 1860.

This has been a fun family to research!